You are a small seed that seeks to survive the weather, so decide to go from plant to plant until you find your right pot

Models 3D: ChinigamiGG - Ramiro Gallego

Programming: Nyxas - Moscoso Maximiliano

Install instructions

We recommend to download the PC Version for most performance


A Seed Thousand Lives 26 MB


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Cool! It's quite short, but I like it a lot. The artwork is lovely, and the core concept is nice! The controls and physics feel slightly "off," but I still managed to win. It'd be nice to see a longer level or more stages!

My only other small critique is the instruction screen overlays on the title in a way that is kind of hard to read.

Oh! Okay i going to improve that! Thanks for the critique and the nice review <3 in a future we want to make another level with more difficulty